My writings: Art & Poetry: Secrets

Jan Vermeer (1632-1675) Girl with a Pearl Earring


Secrets are whispered
in the dark
behind the corner
where the unseen
truth is having
a nightmare.

Secrets are held
in the hands of
members of
the secret society
when in a handshake
their fingers
dance to an already
told and in advance
decided pattern.

Secrets are told
with soft lips
and a deceitful
that’s waiting
to conquer
another mind
another place
and there
flourish restlessly
in the new soil.

Secrets are foul
and honest
at the same
They divide
the world
between the
and the excluded

If the secret
is true or not
is beside
the point

The only
important thing
is to whom
the soft lips
whisper and
at whom
the eyes

By © Dolores Meden 2017