My writings: Art & Poetry: The sunflower

Anthony van Dyck (1599 - 1641, Flemish) Self Portrait With a Sunflower

The sunflower

A self-portrait with a sunflower
the sunflower with no meaning
with thousand meanings, debated
touched and untouched.

What is a sunflower, a flower
A flower with a long life, that shines
as the sun, that brightens your mood
with its sunny disposition.

He points at the flower and
himself, but he holds a chain
is he as the flower,
is the chain the connection

and the cloud, behind them
is it a symbol, is it a token
is it merely a highlighter of
the subject, or is something

A sunflower, a man, a chain
and a cloud, and the pointing
and not to forget that the man
is looking at the viewer, he
is looking at you.

By © Dolores Meden 2017