My writings: Art & Poetry: Reading woman

Sofonisba Anguissola (c. 1532 - 1625) Self-portrait (1554)

Reading woman

To read is to enter
a new world
A new unlimited world
with words, connections
and invaluable thoughts
on the other
of the unseen
of the untouched.

To read is to shelter
an enemy
when the guards are
looking for a scapegoat.

To read is resistance
to stupidity
to ignorance
to the unhealthy
you once
escaped from.

To read is to be.
To be the one
you can be
instead of the one
you are.

To read is to
reach the collective
mind of others

and for the
time of reading
escape the loneliness
that capsules you
in ignorance.

Once reading for
a woman was
a privilege.
To enter
the world
of men.
To enter
a forbidden

By © Dolores Meden 2017