My writings: Art & Poetry: Thoughts

Radi Nedelchev (Ради Неделчев, 1938-2007) Thoughts (1977)


To think is not always
to understand
to comprehend
to be understood
by others.

We think
that if someone
doesn't see our
point of view
that they
don't think

but a point
of view is not
an actual fact.

The grimmest
and the most
human opinion
about something
has in common
the fact
that they are not

They are the
someone chooses
to look through.

They are the
revealing point
where you can
see a person's view
on humanity
on life
on death
on God.

You can see
the context
of the person
The light
of his faith
but not always
the facts
they are
hidden in the
of desires
and wishes
that are intertwined
with the belief
of the true way
to approach

so to think
can mean
to put on
the glasses
and refuse
to see another
point of view.

By © Dolores Meden 2017